Zero Suicide Webinar Series

This series of six webinars was designed in 2019 for teams from health care, mental health organizations, primary care and hospitals interested in implementing Zero Suicide. The series prepared staff to oversee, lead or manage a Zero Suicide initiative. Each webinar topic builds on the next so participants are encouraged to attend all webinars. The webinar series is followed up by a Zero Suicide Skills Institute for clinical teams.
Each Webinar includes:
• Basic Overview of topic including evidence-based approach and technical skills
• Description of experience using the tool, engaging in the strategy, addressing challenges and opportunities
• Interactive Q&A and Discussion
For Webinar descriptions, download the flyer here.

  Webinar # 1 – 1/9/19 – Introduction to Umatter Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training: Participants will be introduced to:
  1. Responses to suicidality by identifying signs and symptoms of suicide, risk and protective factors, profession-specific roles, responsibilities, and protocols
  2. Ways to identify when and how to refer an individual for more help
  3. Profession-specific prevention and postvention protocols for local adaptation
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Webinar # 2 – 1/16/19 – Introduction to the Zero Suicide Framework: Suicide Safe Pathways to Care  Participants will learn:
  1. The seven essential elements of Zero Suicide
  2. The origins of the Zero Suicide approach
  3. About Vermont Zero Suicide Initiatives
  4. Zero Suicide Resources for Health Care
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Webinar # 3 – 1/23/19 – Using the Zero Suicide Organization Self-Assessment Participants will:
  1. Be able to identify the main components necessary to conduct the self-assessment
  2. Recognize the elements of the Zero Suicide self-assessment rating guide
  3. Feel confident in taking the first steps to launch an OSA and know where to find more resources
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Webinar # 4 – 1/30/19 – Implementing the Zero Suicide Workforce Development Survey Participants will:
  1. Be able to identify topical areas of Zero Suicide identified in the WFD Survey
  2. Identify the steps necessary to administer the Workforce Development Survey in their organization
  3. Learn how to plan communications, roll-out, and review of the Workforce Survey and Results
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Webinar # 5 – 2/6/19 – Identification, Assessment, and Treatment of Suicidality Participants will:
  1. Learn the Zero Suicide standard of care in screening for and assessing suicide risk
  2. Identify barriers to consistent screening and risk assessment
  3. Be able to describe two or more screening tools used in health care settings
  4. Recognize evidence-based interventions and treatment strategies
Slides: JoEllen Tarallo Slides Adam Lesser Slides – Columbia Screening Kevin Crowley Slides – CAMS-care   Recording (There is a brief audio delay on recording from 1:12:12 as presenters were changed but standby and audio will resume at 1:15)
Webinar # 6 – 2/13/19 – Follow-up and Care Coordination Participants will:
  1. Be able to describe the 6 levels of care for the Stepped Care Model
  2. Recognize core safe care transition practices for patients with suicidality
  3. Identify tools and resources to help their organizations improve safe care transition practices
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