VT Platform Goals

Eleven Goals of the 2015 Vermont Platform


  1. Promote awareness that suicide is a public health problem.
  2. Build sustainable and integrated infrastructure in Vermont for mental health promotion, suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.
  3. Develop and implement strategies to promote positive public attitudes toward being socially and emotionally healthy.
  4. Develop, implement and monitor programs that promote social and emotional wellness.
  5. Promote efforts to reduce access to lethal means among people at risk of suicide.
  6. Provide training to community members and professionals on how to recognize suicide related behaviors and how to intervene.
  7. Promote suicide prevention, screening, intervention, and treatment as core components of health care services with effective clinical and professional practices.
  8. Improve coordination and accessibility to mental health and substance abuse services.
  9. Promote responsible reporting and accurate portrayals of suicidal behavior, mental conditions and substance abuse in the media
  10. Improve and expand surveillance systems in order to:  1) monitor trends and profiles of at-risk population, 2) assess the impact of existing policies and programs, and 3) inform the development of future efforts.
  11. Provide care and support to individuals affected by suicide deaths and attempts.

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