Suicide Resources


Get Help Now
If you or someone you know is depressed or suicidal, and there is cause for immediate concern, there are a number of resources that can help. Discover what resources are available to assist you, in addition to learning about warning signs and steps to take when helping someone in need.
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Resources for Professionals
The Vermont Suicide Prevention Center believes that educating the professionals that work within our communities is an important aspect of suicide prevention efforts. Review websites, documents, apps, brochures and more, that help guide this effort.
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Media Reporting Guidelines
Covering suicide carefully, even briefly, can change public misconceptions and correct myths, which can encourage those who are vulnerable or at risk to seek help. Learn about recommendations for reporting on suicide and related topics, to avoid sensationalizing or glamorizing death.
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Give Help
While some people behave very impulsively and move quickly toward suicide, the average crisis period lasts about two weeks. Usually there is time to intervene. Efforts to persuade someone to live are usually met with relief, so do not hesitate to act. The best way to help is to take the person directly to a professional. If that is not possible, persuade the person to agree to get help and then assist with making the arrangement.
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Zero Suicide
A commitment to suicide prevention in health and behavioral health care systems. The foundational belief of Zero Suicide is that suicide deaths for individuals under care within health and 
behavioral health systems are preventable. It presents both a bold goal and an aspirational challenge.
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Gun Shop Project
We know that if we can give people hope and keep them from taking their lives in the moments of worst despair, we can change the course of that life.
The VERMONT GUN SHOP PROJECT – is an initiative that brings people with the common goal of reducing deaths by suicide by gunshot together to take meaningful steps to save lives.
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Resource Directory
Looking to help someone in need? Searching for help for yourself? Check out our Resource Directory for a list of hotlines, services, programs and more.
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