Prevention And Intervention: Vermont Reaches For ‘Zero Suicides’

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Have a listen to the Interview!

The “zero suicide” initiative teaches the basics of suicide prevention the same way we teach first-aid or CPR, training people on how to talk about suicide, how to identify risk factors, ways to reduce suicides and what help is available in Vermont. We’re discussing suicide prevention and intervention with experts from Windham, Washington and Chittenden Counties.

For this discussion on suicide prevention efforts in Vermont, we’ll talk with Charlotte McCorkel, senior director of client services at Burlington’s Howard Center; Dr. JoEllen Tarallo, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Health and Learning in Brattleboro and director of the Vermont Suicide Prevention Center; and Kirk Postelwaite, communications and development director at Washington County Mental Health Services in Montpelier.

And we’ll discuss free screenings of the film Suicide: The Ripple Effect across Vermont throughout September. There is help if you or someone you know is considering suicide

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