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As one of the lead organizations of suicide prevention efforts across the state of Vermont, we would like you to partner with us to reduce suicide deaths in Vermont.

Most people are aware of the fact that suicide rates are rising across the nation, and in Vermont.  The research shows that suicide is preventable when people get the help they need.  Therefore a key aspect of suicide prevention is to share messages of resilience, resources, and hope, with stories of people who struggle but get the help they need and live to tell their story. 

Our goal is to send the message that every person matters, that emotional challenges are just as real as physical challenges and can be helped, and that asking for help is a sign of one’s humanity and courage. We ask that you join us in covering stories of resiliency and hope during this month of September. Below find approved press releases for immediate release, similarly approved radio PSA’s, and an information and media kit.

Could you print and release this material widely?

We encourage you to include these items with coverage of stories in your area, and to inspire people to reach out for help.

To help in your reporting about suicide, please review these national best practice documents.  Your reporting can help save lives!

Press Releases

30 Second PSA’s

Umatter YYA Video


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