UMatterLogowebWhy “Umatter”? Everyone has a place in the Big Picture. Everyone has a contribution to make, something important to do, and a purpose waiting to be fulfilled. Sometimes people experience mental health challenges, disorders, or illnesses that are significant and require extra help.  The message is: you matter because you may need help, and you matter because you may be in a position 
to help. Umatter training promotes natural and professional helping based on best practice, with a focus on
communication, coping and help-seeking skills.   About Umatter Suicide Prevenion Umatter was developed based upon a review of other suicide prevention programs to determine key concepts. Research from the American Association of Suicidology and the academic literature regarding suicide were applied. Once program goals and objectives were developed, experiential learning activities were designed to reach all learning preferences and styles of participants to ensure the maximum transfer of knowledge, skills, 
and attitudes.   Umatter Training Programs Include:  Umatter for Schools a National Best Practice Program Umatter for Communities Umatter for Youth and Young Adults Umatter Public Information Go to our Training and Events page for a full listing of the programs we offer.
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