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The Vermont Suicide Prevention Coalition consists of over 70 representatives from public health, education, state agencies, suicide prevention advocacy groups, youth leadership, mental health services and survivors throughout the state.

Our mission is to create communities of hope throughout Vermont in which schools, agencies and people of all ages are 
given the knowledge, attitudes, skills and resources to respond effectively to suicidal behavior. Our message is Umatter.

Our strategies include:

  • Promoting the message that suicide across the lifespan is preventable
  • Equipping health care and community based providers with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively to anyone in distress
  • Increasing public awareness of the importance of addressing mental health issues and the characteristics of mental 
health wellness
  • Establishing a broad-based suicide prevention, 
intervention and postvention program throughout Vermont
  • Sponsoring a public information campaign to reduce the stigma associated with being a consumer of mental health, substance abuse and suicide prevention services and to increase 
connectedness and the promotion of mental health wellness
  • Promoting positive youth development and life-long 
mental health
  • Developing a five-year strategic plan to ensure long-term and sustainable approaches to prevention and early intervention

The work of the Vermont Suicide Prevention Coalition is based upon a number of underlying principles derived from the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and the Vermont Suicide Prevention Platform. Those principles include:

  • Suicide is generally preventable — suicidality is a diagnosable mental health condition which requires a pathway to care
  • Suicide is a public health issue
  • Mental health and physical health are important and 
inextricably linked components of overall health
  • Suicide shares risk factors with substance abuse, bullying and harassment, traumatic events (including sexual abuse, violence, post-traumatic stress), as well as other mental health conditions
  • Community, individuals and organizations must collaborate to prevent suicide

The Coalition has been instrumental in implementing the Umatter® public awareness campaign statewide, promoting the message that everyone has a place in the Big Picture, and a role in preventing suicide. Umatter® promotes mental health wellness through self-assessment, communication, coping and help-seeking skills.

Vermont Suicide Prevention Coalition Members & Organizations

  1. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Vermont Chapter
  2. Brattleboro Retreat
  3. Brattleboro Union High School
  4. Burlington College
  5. Burlington Housing Authority
  6. Cathedral Square- Support And Services at Home (SASH)
  7. Center for Health and Learning
  8. Clara Martin Center
  9. Joanna Cole, Advocate and former Vermont Representative
  10. Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery
  11. Counseling Service of Addison County, Inc.
  12. Department of Vermont Health Access
  13. Good Neighbor Health Clinic
  14. Gun SenseVT
  15. Hardwick Area Community Justice Center
  16. Hartford High School
  17. Health Care & Rehabilitation Services
  18. Howard Center
  19. Hundred Acre Homestead
  20. Johnson State College
  21. Lamoille County Mental Health Services
  22. LISTEN Community Services
  23. National Alliance on Mental Illness- VT
  24. National Center for Campus Public Safety
  25. New England Culinary Institute
  26. Northeast Kingdom Human Services
  27. Northern New England Poison Center
  28. Northwestern Counseling & Support Services
  29. Norwich University
  30. Outright VT
  31. Pathways Vermont
  32. Pathways Vermont Support Line
  33. Rutland Mental Health Services
  34. Spring Lake Ranch
  35. Vermont Military, Family, and Community Network
  36. Vermont Suicide Prevention Center
  37. Vermont Veteran’s Outreach
  38. Washington County Mental Health
  39. Youth in Transition
  40. Survivors of Suicide Loss
  41. The Vermont Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Abuse
  42. Twinfield Union School
  43. Union Institute & University
  44. United Counseling Services
  45. University of Vermont
  46. University of Vermont, Center for Health and Well Being
  47. University of Vermont, College of Medicine
  48. University of Vermont, Department of Pediatrics
  49. University of Vermont Medical Center
  50. US Department of Veterans Affairs, WRJ
  51. Vermont 2-1-1, United Way
  52. Vermont Agency of Education
  53. Vermont Agency of Human Services
  54. Vermont Army National Guard
  55. Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery
  56. VAMH-Friends of Recovery VT
  57. Vermont Association of Business Industry and Rehabilitation
  58. Vermont Blueprint for Health
  59. Vermont Care Partners
  60. Vermont Child Health Improvement Program
  61. Vermont Council of Developmental and Mental Health Services
  62. Vermont Department of Children and Families
  63. Vermont Department of Corrections
  64. Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living
  65. Vermont Department of Health
  66. VDH Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs
  67. VDH Division of Maternal and Child Health
  68. Vermont Department of Mental Health
  69. Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
  70. Vermont National Guard Military Family Services
  71. Vermont Psychiatric Association
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