The Vermont Suicide Prevention Center (VTSPC) is a statewide resource fostering a sustainable approach to suicide prevention in Vermont. Under the advisement of the Vermont Suicide Prevention Coalition, the VTSPC’s mission is to create health-promoting communities in which schools, Institutions of Higher Education, public and private agencies and people of all ages have the knowledge, attitudes, skills and resources to reduce the risk of suicide. The purpose of VTSPC is to support statewide suicide prevention efforts and help local communities implement the recommendations of the Vermont Suicide Prevention Platform using data driven evidence based practices. The VTSPC is publicly funded through an allocation from the Vermont Department of Mental Health, the lead state agency for suicide prevention in Vermont. The Vermont Department of Mental Health oversees  all activities funded through this allocation.    About VTSPCVTSPC Goals:
  • Promote mental health and emotional resilience in Vermont through collaborations focused on public education and prevention policies.
  • Cultivate strong state and local leadership for suicide prevention and intervention.
  • Involve youth and adults in suicide prevention activities, including public education that encourages the development of coping skills and help-seeking behavior.
  • Equip youth and adult gatekeepers with the knowledge and skills necessary for responding effectively to signs of distress, and intervening early with those who are showing warning signs of suicide.
  • Enhance strategies for early identification of mental health conditions and pathways leading to care and recovery.
  • Encourage access to primary care and mental health services that provide effective intervention, treatment and follow-up.
  • Support the use of data and personal stories to inform suicide prevention in Vermont.
  • Provide strategic tools for developing suicide prevention programs, implement interventions, and promote policies to prevent suicide.
VTSPC Serves:
  • Educators and School Health Professionals
  • First Responders
  • Social Services
  • Health Care and Mental Health Services
  • Faith Communities
  • Community Coalitions
  • Legislators
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Youth and Young Adult Adults
  • Organizations Serving Elderly in VT
VTSPC Services: The VTSPC cultivates support for, develops, implements and evaluates:
  • Suicide Prevention and Postvention Protocols for School and Community Professionals
  • School Policy, Protocol and Curriculum Development
  • Suicide Prevention and Postvention Trainers and Training
  • Training and Technical Assistance for Schools, Institutions of Higher Education and Public and
  • Private Organizations
  • Suicide Prevention and Postvention; Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Education; Mental Health,
  • Depression Awareness and Compassion Training
  • Development of Culturally Appropriate Prevention Strategies
  • Development and Dissemination of Upstream Mental Health Promotion Public Information Materials
VTSPC is a program of the Center for Health and Learning supported by funding from the Department of Mental Health and other grants and contracts, and public and private donations.
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