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Prevention And Intervention: Vermont Reaches For ‘Zero Suicides’

Originally Published on By JANE LINDHOLM, MATTHEW F. SMITH & KAREN ANDERSON •  SEP 18, 2019 Have a listen to the Interview! The “zero suicide” initiative teaches the basics of suicide prevention the same way we teach first-aid or CPR, training people on how to talk about suicide, how to identify risk factors, ways to reduce suicides and what help […]

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What is Umatter YYA.

Umatter YYA Program for 2018-19 concludes

The Umatter YYA program for 2018-19 is complete. Overall, 12 schools and 68 youth participated and implemented Mental Health Wellness Community Action Projects in their schools. These projects included: mental health awareness week activities, an interactive play about healthy dating relationships, anxiety management resource information campaign, a school wide wellness day, and more. For a full […]

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